A trio of self-explanatory exceptions

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Good: there’s a Visual Studio extension that allows you to bind F1 (or another shortcut) to “open a new browser and search for the currently highlighted text”.  Saves me at least 24 keystrokes per day, or over 100k keystrokes before I get to retire.

Bad: sometimes you get an exception that looks extremely self-explanatory, but the obvious solution, nor any of the search result web pages seems to solve your issue.

Even worse: had three of those in one day.  I thought I would save someone else some trouble some day, and post about these three ‘self-explanatory’ exceptions, and explain what the description really meant to me.

OutOfMemoryException: Out of memory.

[OutOfMemoryException: Out of memory.]
   System.Drawing.Graphics.FromHdcInternal(IntPtr hdc) +1151157
   System.Drawing.Font.ToLogFont(Object logFont) +145
   System.Drawing.Font.ToHfont() +98
   Telerik.Reporting.Pdf.Fonts.TrueType.FontReader.GetFontData(Font font, Boolean& isTTC) +101

What is seems to mean: “You are out of memory.  Consider scaling out.”

What it really meant in my case:…

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